The Association of Live Tropical Fish Exporters of Sri Lanka

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Who we are

The Sri Lanka ornamental fish exporters association dates back to early 1970’s, which was established for the betterment and development of the industry. It was initiated with less than 10 members and the membership has grown to over 50 active exporters by 2015. The volume of exports by its active members is over 98% of the total export volume. The key idea behind the inception was to safeguard the exporters of tropical fish, which is still one of the main objectives of the association.
From the inception the SLTFEA has been working closely with all key stake holders such as breeders/growers/suppliers and various government and nongovernmental organization to safeguard the industry. This played an integral role in developing and expanding the ornamental fish industry in Sri Lanka from which a large number of people especially in the rural areas derive their livelihood.
With the active support of the Export Development Board (EDB), the National Aquaculture Development Authority (NAQDA), National Aquatic Resources Research & Development Agency (NARA), Department of Fisheries (DOF) and the Department of Animal Production and Health (DG/DAPH) the industry has experienced a steadfast growth over the past few decades.
The SLTFEA whilst helping its members to be world class exporters, recognizers the huge unexploited potential of the ornamental fish industry in our country which is blessed with such a diversity of water, soil and climatic conditions. With the continued support of both the public and private sectors, it is the stated goal of the SLTFEA to transform the Sri Lankan ornamental fish industry into a one stop shop for ornamental fish and a shining example of sustainability for the global industry.